Polygon - Brass knob [GB]

Polygon - Brass knob [GB]

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THIS PRODUCT IS PART OF A GROUP BUY. The product is made to order and is NOT an in-stock product. The delivery timeline can be found at the bottom.


This is where you go to buy that shiny looking brass knob!



The GB will launch the 20th of August, will run for 24 days until the 10th of September, to allow you to make changes to your order, or order any additonal extras. The GB will be FCFS (First come first serve)

• GB Start: 20th of august at 23:59 GMT +2
• GB end: 10th of september23:59 GMT +2
• 5 months delivery to me
• 2 months of me shipping out the packages internationally
• Every package should be shipped by the 31st of March 2022